Genbrain formula Review: Does it really enhance brain functioning?

In the extremely competitive and technology-driven modern we live in today having a healthy brain is a key to success. But unfortunately, some of us may experience cognitive problems like inability to concentrate, poor decision making and confusion.

Now some of these problems might be age-related. Because as we age our cognitive functions slow down. But it is also very common to experience these problems at a younger age.


There is a product called Genbrain Advanced Brain Formula which as its name suggests improves brain functions. It claims to work by getting rid of the causes of slower brain performance.

According to advertisement this supplements works by protecting and repairing nerves. It also helps the person relax and cures depression which is also a cause of insufficient mental performance.

And in this article, we will verify the claims made by the product. We will analyze how can this pill improve mental health. Moreover, we are going to find out how realistic are the benefits that the manufacturer of this supplement is offering to users.

No product is perfect that is why we did a lot of research related to this product. And we are going to give you our verdict based on thorough research to help you make a better purchase decision.

How does Genbrain Advanced Brain Formula works?

Every product is designed to solve a problem and this supplement is no exception. Therefore to explain the working process of this pill we will first let you know what causes poor cognitive performance.

Causes of bad brain health.

  1. Phosphatidylserine is a form of fat that is responsible for facilitating communication between brain cells. But sometimes production of this key fat stops or slows down in the body. This can lead to lack of focus, Confusion, and loss of memory.
  2. Another reason for slow brain performance is stress and anxiety. Both stress and anxiety are related to our survival response. But too much of this response can damage brain cells and may cause loss of brain volume or size.

Ingredients of Genbrain and how they work?

Every product has a fundamental formula containing some ingredients which produce the desired effect in the human body. In this products case, all of its ingredients are herbal. We visited the website of the company and also checked the label of this supplement to find out its key ingredients. So following are the ingredients of this pill.

Vinpocetine: This is a herb used to promote blood flow to the brain. The function of this ingredient is to provide more oxygen to the brain by increasing circulation of blood in the brain. With the increased supply of blood to the brain our brain gets more glucose to repair the damaged nerves in the brain.

Bacopa Monnieri: This natural ingredient stimulates serotonin receptors and also increases serotonin production. Serotonin is the enzyme that controls the mood of humans. Therefore it can relieve stress and anxiety which are the main causes of poor brain function.

Phosphatidylserine: We saved this ingredient for the last because it is the most important one of all. As we mentioned earlier low levels of Phosphatidylserine can reduce the ability to repair nerve cells. But by taking this substance in the form of this pill can help protect nerves from damage.

This fat covers the nerve transmitters to protect them and also improves communication between neurotransmitters. All of this results in enhanced memory and also allows the user to focus on tasks easily.

These ingredients sound very impressive at first glance. But a simple google search of these ingredients lets you know that they are not scientifically proven to improve mental health.

We did find some studies that said that these ingredients may improve mental health but the mechanism is unknown. Combine that with no human test done for this pill and these ingredients don’t seem very impressive anymore.

What are the benefits of this pill?

The benefits claimed by the company selling this supplement are very hard to back up. Especially when the ingredients they say this pill is made of are not really proven to work. So here is the list of benefits that we found on the webpage for this pill.

  1. This pill is made from 100% natural and safe ingredients. Clinically proven to help promote brain functions and improves focus. In addition to mental health benefits, this supplement can also boost energy levels in users.
  2. Useful in improving both long term and short term memory. Increases concentration which can help users achieve more in both professional and personal life.
  3. Does not contain harmful substance or chemicals like caffeine. It is also gluten-free.
  4. Increases the processing power of the brain and allows the user to do faster and better decision making.
  5. Affordable and easy to use.

We looked for any attached studies or lab results on the official website of Genbrain supplement. So we can verify the claims made by the product. And we were not surprised that there are no such documents available.

Is Genbrain scam or does it really work?

Well, Genbrain works or not depends on the user reviews for Genbrain Advanced Brain Formula. And so far there are not enough user reviews or feedback to support the claims made by this pill.

This supplement is relatively new to the market so we can’t really say for sure if this product is legit or a scam. Also, we haven’t seen any ads of Genbrain on CNN or other credible channels. Moreover, this supplement is only available online and you don’t need a doctor’s prescription for it.

On top of that, no reputable store is selling this product. Therefore this product does not seem very reliable.

Where to buy Genbrain and price.

As we mentioned earlier you can’t really order this product from a credible source like Amazon. And the price of this product is also only available on the official website of the supplement.


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