Hearing X3 Zenith Labs Review: If it really can help in hearing impairment?

Ability to hear is often taken for granted by most of us until we start facing hearing problems. Being able to hear sounds in everyday life 24/7 makes us forget how important this ability is. But there are unfortunate people who have trouble hearing clearly. There are hearing aids and tools available in the market. And we have found these hearing aids to be quite effective as well.

But here is the thing these aids only provide a temporary solution for hearing issues. But what if we told you there is a product offering hearing restoration?

What is Hearing X3?

We came to know about this product and we had to take a deeper look into it. This supplement comes in form of a pill and it claims to return hearing back to normal with help of herbal ingredients. Now while it is not possible to restore hearing loss that is by birth. It is possible to overcome the causes of poor hearing ability that might happen later in life.

And this article will give you an insight into all the major aspects of this product if you are planning on buying it. Moreover, we will also let you know some pros and cons of this product that we have discovered.

How does it work?

You must have heard of hearing aids that magnify the sound waves to help people with poor hearing ability. But this product is different from these because it is designed to work internally. Hearing issues can be caused by a number of reasons some major reasons include:

  1. Poor circulation of blood in the ear can cause a reduction in the sensitivity of ears.
  2. Genetics play a key role in whether you will develop hearing problems later in life.
  3. Inflammation in the year due to injury or infection can cause hearing loss.
  4. Exposure to loud noises or extreme noise pollution can damage the ability to hear.

This supplement contains natural extracts that improve blood flow to the ear to get rid of circulation issues. Moreover, it also works as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent by reducing inflammation in ear and improving hearing.


Now you must be wondering what magical ingredients make this pill so effective in improving hearing. Well, there is no magic, in fact, this product claims to use all natural herbs to treat hearing issues.

Resveratrol: This herb is known to have a positive impact on hearing disorders. It helps in fighting inflammation and this can help restore normal hearing. It also works as an antioxidant and prevents build-up of toxins in ear.

Ginkgo Biloba: A very beneficial herb when it comes to improving hearing. It works by promoting flow of blood to the ear and providing nutrients to ear. As we mentioned earlier poor blood flow is known to be a major cause of hearing issues. So by improving blood flow in ear, this herb ensures better hearing.

L-Arginine: This herb helps in widening of the blood vessels that can be blocked or narrowed due to injury or other reasons. This herb helps in production of nitric oxide which helps vessels relax and repairs them.

Apart from these ingredients this supplement also consists of other vitamins and minerals such as Zinc citrate and Vitamins C. The website claims that these nutrients help restore hearing in older individuals. And the reason they work is that with age our body can’t absorb enough Vitamin C and Zinc. This can lead to a deficiency of these nutrients and hearing can be affected.

We will like to mention that although there is some reason that proves the above-mentioned ingredients work for improving hearing. But their affectivity is not 100% when it comes to treating hearing disorders.

Who can use Hearing X3

It is clear that this product is designed to provide hearing aid. But the website of this pill fails to explain in which situations we can use it. So here are some indicators that can help you decide if this product is what you are looking for or not.

  1. You are aging and have started to experience hearing related issues.
  2. You have been subjected to loud noises or noise pollution which has led to hearing damage.
  3. You have inflammation in your ear that reduces your ability to listen properly.
  4. Your ear has poor blood circulation and it’s causing you to lose hearing.

Please note that if you have a hearing disorder by birth or a serious injury in your ear this product will not work for you. So please consult a doctor if you have some severe form of hearing disorder or an ear injury.

Benefits of Hearing X3

These benefits are from the official website of the product. And please note that these are not proven benefits.

  1. Made with perfectly natural and safe herbs to ensure safety and to prevent any side effects.
  2. Provides vital nutrients to the ear that might be missing in your normal diet. By overcoming this nutrient deficiency it helps in improving hearing power.
  3. Improves blood flow to your ear to provide the necessary oxygen and energy required by ear to work.
  4. Helps overcome hearing problems and reduces the need to rely on hearing aids.
  5. Does not cost as much as other alternatives available in the market.
  6. Acts as a long term solution for hearing problems because it targets the root causes of hearing issues.

Does it really work?

Now we don’t sugar coat things when it comes to providing you guys with the facts. This product does not have much research to support the claims it’s making. The ingredients of this product might look good on paper but they lack solid studies to prove their effectiveness. Most importantly this product is not a registered product. So it doesn’t hold the confidence that a registered and tested product has.

Although it has some decent user reviews on the web you should always be careful when ordering online products.



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