How to Avoid Dull Skin or Reclaim your glowing beauty

Dull skin is a result of carelessness and pollution. Multiple dirt particles incorporate into the pores of the skin surface and begin to damage the cells. It results in a dark and dull skin.Moreover, different dark spots and skin tanning also makes your skin look dull and dry. However, there are multiple face washes and clinical medications which claim to give your skin a natural and beautiful look in no time. There is no myth that these face washes and skin care products are useful, but, they give your skin different side effects like excessive skin dryness, wide opening of pores etc.

Why choose herbal treatment?

Herbal treatments are the home based remedies. These remedies can be prepared at home in a time interval of 5 t 10 minutes. These short-term procedures are effective and produce no adverse effects on the body or skin. These treatment solutions can be prepared from the ingredients which are available in the home or can be obtained easily from the market. These free from chemicals and preservatives solutions give your skin an immense glow and shine without any harmful effects.

Treatment of Dull Skin

The mixture which we are going to prepare for fighting the dull skin is “Aloe Vera herbal care”. This herbal care mixture is easy to prepare and can be used before any party or event. It brings an immediate glow on skin and removes all dirt and dryness within few minutes. This aloe vera herbal care treatment needs only a few ingredients and a short time.

Ingredients and Material List

The armamentarium which is required for preparation of this herbal mixture includes:

1.    Fresh Aloe Vera Gel obtained from aloe vera plant (2 tablespoons)

2.    Honey (1 teaspoon)

3.    Lemon juice (1 teaspoon)

4.    Coconut/Almond Oil (Few drops)

5.    Bowl and plastic spoon (for mixing)

How to Prepare?

The method of preparation for this skin care mixture is very simple and easy. A series of following steps will guide you how to prepare this solution:

•    Take all the ingredients in the bowl in proper proportion as mentioned above

•    Mix them homogenously for 1 to 2 minutes

•    The Aloe Vera Herbal care solution is ready to use

How to Apply?

To get perfect results within a few minutes, follow the given steps in sequence:

Step 1- Wash your face with warm water

Step 2- Apply the mixture gently on the skin with your fingers

Step 3- First apply on cheeks and then on the neck and remaining area of the face

Step 4- Let it dry for 15 minutes

Step 5- wash with cold water and dry it with soft cloth or towel

Step 6- Do not apply face wash or moisturizing lotion after it

Things to remember

While using this aloe vera gel, make sure to look for the following things:

  • Do not apply it over makeup
  • Do not use it if you have already applied skin care lotions or creams on the face
  • Let it dry properly so that it can incorporate deeply into skin cells
  • Do not store it for more than one day

Advantages of this Herbal Care Treatment

This skin care solution is effective for the following problems:

  • Dry and Dull Skin
  • Rough skin with scratches
  • Whiteheads and Blackheads
  • To bring an immediate glow and smoothness on the skin surface

Is there any side effect?

This skin care solution is safe and free from any side effects. The main reason for its authenticity is the natural and pure ingredients which have been added to it. You can use it three to four times a week and it won’t bring any side effects on your skin.


Different dermatologists have recommended this skin care solution to girls and women to use on daily basis. They say that it is a pure and original formula which will nourish the pores of the skin and will create a blemished and beautiful look. Such skin care remedies which are pure can be utilized before the bridal package as well.


Aloe vera herbal care is a complete solution which will nourish the skin cells. Moreover, it will replace the damaged skin cells and will give a brighter and shinier look.


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