How to Treat Scabies by your own at home

Scabies is a skin disease which causes itching and redness. Moreover, multiple red spots are observed all over the body surface. Sometimes these nodules are painful and irritating. This itching disease is caused by an animal itch mite. Multiple medications are available in the market for its treatment, but they are costly and have side effects as well.

What is Herbal Care?

Herbal care is a method of treating different problems and diseases using home-based solutions and remedies. This treatment does not involve any sought of active medical components. It is completely based on the herbs, organic components and things which are available at home. These pure components are mixed together and a proper compound is prepared which is then used for treating different viral and bacterial infections.

How scabies can be treated using herbal care?

Problems like scabies which are associated with itching and redness are rarely treated by medications. The medications have a long-term action and the results are relatively slow. Herbal care can be useful in this regard because of the following reasons:

•    Can be prepared at home easily

•    The fast and rapid onset of action

•    Free from side effects

•    Minimum usage gives the best results

•    Do not involve preservatives and chemicals

•    Free from bad odour and colour

•    Easy to carry and handle

Ingredients Required for Preparation of this Mixture

Scabies can betreated in the home by creating a mixture of natural ingredients. The materials and ingredients which are needed for its preparation include:

1.    Petroleum Jelly (90gms)

2.    Sulphur Powder (Easily available in the market, 10gms)

3.    Water (quantity sufficient)

4.    Plastic Bowl

5.    Plastic spoon or spatula

6.    Small plastic jar or container

7.    Measuring balance

8.    Mortar and Pestle

How to Prepare?

The method of preparing this mixture is very simple and easy. You just have to follow a few steps in order to get a homogenous mixture:

  • Measure the given amounts of petroleum jelly and sulphur powder using measuring balance
  •  Now on a clean surface put sulphur powder
  • Divide the powder into three increments
  • Add one increment into the mortar along with sufficient quantity of petroleum jelly
  •  Mix it well by pestle for 15 seconds
  • Keep adding sulphur and petroleum jelly as per the need
  • Add a few drops of water to make a homogenous mixture
  • By using a plastic spoon or spatula, transfer the mixture from mortar to the plastic container
  •  Label it as “Remedy for Scabies”
  •  It is ready to use

Directions of Use

You have to use the mixture by the following method:

  • Apply it on the whole body surface below neck continuously for three nights
  • Take bath on the fourth morning
  •  Dry with a soft towel
  • Keep repeating

Is there any adverse effect?

As it is a home remedy, it is free from all side effects. If you follow the given directions, it will be really easy for you to overcome the problem of scabies. However, wrong usage or application on sensitive areas of skin can increase your problem of skin rashes and itching.


  • Do not apply in eyes or near eyes
  • Do not apply it on cheeks
  •  Do not orally intake the mixture
  • You can consult your physician before using it
  • Do not use it after 14 days of preparation
  • Store the container in a cool and dry place


This mixture can be used especially for the treatment of scabies. However, it can also be used for skin rashes and redness problems. In the case of immediate allergy, contact your physician.


This remedy is completely authentic and safe for the treatment of scabies. Many people have used this remedy on regular basis for their issue and never complaint regarding it. Moreover, some doctors and homeopathies also prescribe to prepare this medication for itching related diseases. It is safe and will give results within a short period of time.

Final Verdict

Problems like scabies demand fast and rapid results. This home remedy is proven to be the best solution for such itching disorders. Moreover, it reduces swelling and redness from that area.


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