Idol White an Advanced Teeth Whitening PEN Formula

“Because of your smile you make life more beautiful”; a famous quote from Thich Nhat sums up life in a few words. A smile adds a glimpse and attractiveness to your personality. And as you smile the first thing people notice is your teeth. If you have white and shining teeth, you will be liked by all. However, yellow and dull teeth with halitosis (bad breath) can destroy your personality within a few minutes. No one wants dull and yellow teeth which can make them feel embarrassed when they smile. Moreover, it makes you more conscious when someone is staring at your teeth when you speak. In order to avoid this problem, everyone is in search of a solution which can consume their minimum time and give effective results. Unfortunately, there are no such medications which can solve this issue. It is a permanent problem and can occur at any stage of your life with poor oral hygiene.

Multiple dentists have created a chemical formula which can make your teeth look brighter and shiny. Idol White is a chemical semi-solid gel, prepared from different extracts of medicine and nature which can help in your teeth whitening. It has all those powerful ingredients in one gel pen form which are convenient to use and give effective results in a short period of time.


Idol white gel, a chemical semi-solid is prepared from all natural ingredients. Some of the main ingredients of this gel pen are listed below:

Glycerine– Glycerine is responsible for adherence of other components to the dentine and enamel of tooth which results in stronger and effective results. Moreover, this proper penetration makes the tooth surface stronger.

EDTA– EDTA acts as an anti-toxic and anti-bacterial agent who removes the harmful debris and bacteria from the tooth. It helps in the restoration of tooth structure prevents the accumulation of plaque and debris.

Hydrogen Peroxide– It acts as a bleaching agent which helps in removing the dark yellow stains from the structure. This acid aids in making tooth structure shinier and brighter.

Sodium Hydroxide– This component acts as a stimulator in the incorporation of other ingredients. It properly distributes all the components on tooth surface evenly.

Peppermint– Peppermint acts as a flavouring and soothing agent. It gives freshness to your mouth and is effective against halitosis. Moreover, it gives a good taste and flavour of mint in the mouth.

Carbomer- This unique agent is responsible for removing plaque and yellow stains which may occur due to fluorosis (excessive intake of fluoride in diet).

Sodium Saccharin– This ingredient acts as a shield on the surface of the tooth. It resists the tooth against masticatory forces and protects from displacement.

This unique formula of idol white is effective in making your personality a better one.


The unique formula of idol white is effective against many problems. Some major benefits of idol white are as follows:

Dental Health– Idol white improves the overall health and life of your tooth. It will protect the tooth from damage and abrasion.

Shine and Brightness– The continuous use of idol white will make your teeth brighter and shinier. You will have white teeth without any spots and stains.

Halitosis and Fluorosis– Idol white is effective against bad breath and Fluorosis. It will give you a fresh and pleasant breath with a neat and attractive smile.

Inflammation– idol white is very good against gum inflammation and periodontal infections. The slowly reacting chemicals present in it heal the neural areas and apices of the tooth surface.

Application- it is safe, easy to use and applicable with no side effects.


This whitening pen has a very simple mechanism of action. As we apply it to the tooth surface, the complex ingredients added in it start working. Firstly, the components interact with the enamel layer of the tooth and start nourishing the rods and cons. Then they penetrate deeper into the neural dentine layer and start removing debris and bacterial content from there. Lastly, they react with the periodontal layer and root apices. They leach out the chemicals into blood bearing areas and start the healing process there. They overall act as a guard toward the tooth surface. They prevent the abrasion and restorative forces and help the tooth to remain in its socket.


Idol white is very easy to apply. You should follow the following steps of application:

  • Brush your teeth properly. The ideal amount of paste to be used is of one peanut size.
  • Rinse your mouth properly by swish wash technique for 20 seconds.
  • Twist the gel pen and open it. The viscous gel will dispense out.
  • Apply it from the pen on your tooth surface. Let it dry for five minutes.
  • Rinse the mouth properly.


The application of idol white two times a day after brushing teeth is enough for adequate and effective results. Over dosage should be avoided because it can cause inflammation of gums irritation of gingiva.


The price of idol gel pen is reasonable and can be afforded by everyone. One pen costs $25. If you buy two pens, it will cost $50. One pen is sufficient for one month. Special discount offers like buy two get one free and buy three get two free, are also available. The product is available on official website and on it is not available in the market due to legacy issues. Unfortunately, there is no trial policy of idol white. In order to use, you have to buy it. However, refund policy is available for customer’s satisfaction.


Customers who have tried this product came back with their positive views and opinions. One lady, Kathie stated that “One of the best decisions I have ever made was choosing Idol white for my teeth treatment. After using this product for a few weeks, I found my tooth brighter and shinier”. It is highly recommended for everyone who wants a stronger tooth.


By the end, it is enough to say that idol white is a legit product and not a scam! You can use it without any ambiguity and the results will not disappoint you.



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