Intell X Pro Review: Don’t buy before reading its ingredients, Benefits and Effects

There is no denying the fact that mental health is often not on everyone’s priority list. We see people going to the gym and keeping their weight in check. But another equally important aspect of our body’s fitness is overlooked and that is mental fitness. In the fast-paced modern world where we rely on gadgets and technology, a strong brain is extremely important. And people who are unable to keep up with the technological advancements find themselves lacking behind. Poor concentration, inability to remember things properly and lack of focus are the most common complaints heard by mental health representatives.


Considering all these brain health issues there has to be a solution for them right?  Keeping this question in mind we have put together a review for a product called Intell X Pro. The makers of this supplement have claimed that it can boost your mental health and capability.

This supplement falls in the category of Nootropics. Nootropics are supplements that can boost the brain power of the user significantly. And this product is also advertised as a concentration, focus and memory booster.

And this review article will inform you about this product’s composition and ingredients. How its ingredients boost brain power and if they are effective or not. And by the end of the article, we will share our findings of this brain supplement.

How does Intell X Pro Intensive Focus Works?

Any sensible person wouldn’t consider buying any product without knowing what’s in it. Especially when it is an internal use pill such as this one. And the company selling this pill was kind enough to provide the ingredients present in this supplement on their official website.

Ingredients of Intell X Pro Intensive Focus

Caffeine: We were not surprised to see caffeine in the list of ingredients for this pill. After all, it is the most widely used ingredient for boosting mental ability. This ingredient is obtained from coffee and it increases alertness by stimulating receptors in our brain that produce the feeling of fatigue. This allows the user to concentrate better on the task at hand. Moreover, it increases attention and focus.

Ginkgo Biloba: This is another vital ingredient of this pill. Obtained from the tree of Ginkgo Biloba this herb has been used in traditional medicine to improve brain health. Studies have shown that this herb increases blood flow to the brain. With more blood reaching the brain user can easily memorize important information and recall it when needed.

L-Theanine: Lastly but definitely not the least L-Theanine is a powerful herbal ingredient that prevents age-related brain health problems. As we age our brain stop repairing itself and brainpower reduces over time. But this amino acid provides enough energy to the brain to restore its normal functioning.

This amino acid is naturally produced in our body but with increasing age, its production may stop. But with the help of L-Theanine, our body can store the levels of this key amino acid responsible for brain health.

These ingredients combined together make a promising formula for improved brain function. But after a little fact checking, there aren’t sufficient human studies about these herbs to prove their effectiveness.

So, for now, we have to go with the information we have about these ingredients and the claims of the manufacturer.

Who can use Intell X Pro Intensive Focus?

Like all other Nootropics, this pill also promises to boost your cognitive ability. But that is not enough to make the buying decision. So to make things simpler here are a few cases in which this product can be helpful based on the company’s claims. If you face the following issues:

  1. If you have a problem remembering even the smallest things like where you left your wallet etc.
  2. Your brain gets tired easily and you find it difficult to pay attention to a task long enough.
  3. You find yourself unable to focus and complete the tasks.
  4. You are aging and want to keep your brain in peak condition.

In case you are affected by any of these or similar issues then this pill may be for you. That being said this product is not FDA approved because it is not exactly a medicine. So we don’t have an official report stating this product’s side effects.

And even after taking an in-depth look at Intell X Pro’s website we were unable to find any side effects mentioned. So we are on our own in case we are allergic to this formula or develop an unwanted reaction to it.

Benefits of Intell X Pro Intensive Focus

Here are some of the benefits of this pill advertised on its website. Keep in mind that these benefits have not been confirmed or tested.

  1. Comes with a free trial so users can test the product before buying it.
  2. Promotes brain growth and repairs the damaged nerve cells in the brain.
  3. Affordable and easy to use formula.
  4. Makes the memory sharper and gives the user a boost in energy.
  5. Reduces the fatigue and allows the user to work longer without feeling tired.
  6. Improves overall brain speed and ability to process information.

We were not surprised to find no scientific studies or human tests to confirm these claims. Because nootropic supplements like this one don’t fall in the jurisdiction of FDA they cannot be regulated by it. But FDA does limit the claims that can be made regarding these kinds of supplements.

Is Intell X Pro a scam or does it really works?

There is a lot of room for improvement in this product. First of all, there isn’t a lot of information about how the manufacturer is extracting the ingredients used in this pill.

And we also don’t know the potential side effects of this product. But the positive point of this pill is that it comes with a free trial. So there is a chance that this product might be up to the par with its promises.

But please talk to your health care consultant before you buy this nootropic.


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