Kylea Greens supplement Review: Is really one great super-food?

KAs the name suggests this is a Superfood powder designed to provide the same nutrition we normally get from fruits and vegetables. Vegetable juices and smoothies are the new hot trend in fitness and wellness world. But they cost way too much and a lot of them are wasted in the process of extracting juice from them.

The concept behind this product is that when we use fruit or vegetable juices a lot of it is wasted. And we only get some of the nutrients. A major chunk of the fruits and veggies containing fiber and other beneficial supplements gets thrown away.

Moreover, this product comes from a company named Kylea health. This company has been in the health and fitness industry for 12 years. It is a reputable name in the supplement market.

How does it work?

Unlike chemical-based supplements and protein shakes made with unnatural substances. The kylea green drink recipe is made using real fruits and veggies. As we know that our body needs fruits and vegetables for a number of vital nutrients and minerals that are essential for our diet.

Furthermore, this product works by providing the body with following important nutritional elements Such as Protein, Antioxidants, Amino acids, Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, Digestive enzymes, Fruits, algae, grasses, and vegetables. All of the ingredients of Kylea Total living Drink Greens are real fruits and vegetables and give the body the nutrition it needs.

Another way it works is by balancing your dietary intake. A balanced diet is very important because the body needs a complete blend of these supplementary nutrients to stay healthy. And more importantly, this supplement supplies energy to the body so it can function properly.

It provides all the necessary supplements in one scoop. Usually, this would require you to eat a lot of fruits or vegetables in order to obtain them otherwise. One scoop of this supplement contains 120 calories.  And these calories come from 11 grams of vegan protein derived only from vegetables, 10 grams pure carbohydrates, 5 grams rich fiber, and 2.5 grams of fat.

You might think you can get the same nutrition from fruit or veggie juice right? Well scientifically speaking you might get some nutrients from juice but you can’t get any fiber from the juice. Because most of the fruit or vegetable is thrown away while making fruit and fiber go along with it.

Who can benefit from this supplement?

If you want a complete nutritional diet and you are looking for an all in one supplement to meet all your needs then you can benefit from this supplementary diet a lot.

Furthermore, If you live a busy life and find it difficult to incorporate healthy vegetables and fruits in your daily routine then you can try this product.

Maybe you find it difficult to eat vegetables because of the taste or because they are difficult to prepare. If it is so then this supplement can take care of your problem. Kylea Greens can easily provide you with all the nutrients vitamins and minerals that you would find in veggies in a simple and convenient way.

If you are losing weight then this product is your natural and safe source to get the necessary energy and quit eating junk food.

Or if you workout you might need a more healthy source of protein made from natural vegan ingredients. Which are obtained from vegetables and fruits then this can be your go-to supplement to support you and provide the necessary boost of energy to workout.


  1. The unique and effective natural formula of this product can improve digestion.
  2. It can work as a detoxifying agent. And help in the process of riding the body from the harmful elements that build up in the body as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.
  3. In addition to physical benefits, Kylea Greens also has some mental health benefits too. This supplement can improve your ability to focus and thus increase your concentration.
  4. As it is full of antioxidants which fight aging. It can make the skin of the user more elastic and hydrated.
  5. Kylea greens does not contain any harmful fillers and artificial chemicals. They might provide a boost in energy levels momentarily but fail to produce long-lasting results. 100% natural ingredients make it totally safe and free from any side effects.
  6. One of the biggest benefits of this product has to be its ability to control blood sugar levels.
  7. By providing riding the body from harmful toxins it boosts the immune system and gives you the ability to fight off diseases easily.

Does Kylea Total living Drink Greens really work?

Well to answer this question I will share my own personal experience of using this product for a year now. I used to live a very unhealthy lifestyle which caused me to fall very badly sick eventually. After this, I decided to change my lifestyle and go vegan (Vegetarian). I was doing some research about what vegetarian-friendly supplement I can use to get the most of my vegetarian lifestyle. This is when I came across this supplement. I talked to my doctor before I ordered it for myself.

And I will like to mention that it is really important to consult your doctor before you try out any new supplement or diet. My doctor gave me a heads up and I started using this supplement regularly and I started to feel more energetic in no time.

 The important thing was that I wasn’t compromising on protein intake because I also worked out and I was gaining muscle in a natural way.

The fact that this product is not using any unnatural sources for protein really gave me peace of mind while using this product. And if you look online you will find a lot of positive reviews about kylea green drink.

Kylea Total living Drink Greens Price and where to buy

You can buy a 30 day supply of kylea greens for $99 which is a little bit on the expensive side but it is not as expensive as buying whole fruits and veggies. You can buy it online from their official website.


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