Nerve Renew Brain Enhancement Supplement: Improves Cogni-Function

In the present day world, millions of people due to work overload and stress suffer from neuropathy. Neuropathy is a medical term which is used for patients whose peripheral nervous system is damaged. In such condition, different senses of the body like touch pain, the skeletal muscle functioning are disrupted. In short term, neuropathy refers to the pain of nerves. In such disorder, different companies supply their supplements but results are never up to the mark.

For such purpose, the Neuropathy Treatment Group (NTG) Company has launched a product after proper research to reduce the symptoms of this disorder. Moreover, all the neuropathic conditions are treated by this. Nerve Renew, a product launched by this company, is a completely natural and pure formula which comes in the form of pills. The product is prepared from all natural herbs and vitamins which overcome and reverse the symptoms of nerve damage and pain.


If we look at the functioning of normal supplements, they contain Thiamine (vitamin B1). But thiamine is not readily absorbed in the body. This is the reason that why proper required nutrient is not supplied to the body. Unlike other supplements, Nerve Renew contains benfotiamine along with thiamine. Benfotiamine readily crosses the cell membrane and enters directly into the cell. As a result, more Vitamin B is delivered to those parts of cells where it is required. Moreover, benfotiamine is less toxic and has no specific side effects. This mechanism helps in the regeneration of nerves and increases the synthesis of proteins. If the supplement is taken in the proper dose, it will help in the production of new nerve damage and will aid in recovering from nerve damage. Furthermore, the Nerve Renew acts specifically on the painful nerve endings and help them to heal.


Nerve renew has been prepared after complete research. It has no harmful effects on the body. It only recovers body from present painful conditions. A complete detail of advantages is listed below:

  • At first, the supplement aids in strengthening of nerves. Along with this, it helps in regeneration of nerves and nerve endings.
  • Secondly, Nerve Renew provides a vascular blood supply to brain which is most affected by stress. This results in the normal functioning of nerve cells.
  • Thirdly, this supplement helps in getting relief from anxiety, sleep disorders, panic attacks, irritation and stress situations.
  • Furthermore, Nerve Renew acts as an anti-depressant and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It reduces the itching and burning of hands.
  • The swelling of organs like hands is also relieved by this supplement. It makes the sensory and nervous system of the body properly nourished.
  • Moreover, Nerve Renew has an excellent effect on the circulation o blood in the body. It improves the blood circulation.


All the ingredients which are used in this supplement are approved by physicians. The product works in a natural way to reduce the neuropathy. A detailed description of ingredients and the way they work is described below:

Benfotiamine– it is a fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 which acts as health booster and regenerator. It is simply absorbed by cells and give an adequate amount of vitamin to cells where needed.

Vitamin B2– Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) slows down the nerve cells damage. Moreover, it helps in repairing of cells and nerve endings.

Vitamin B6– pyridoxine HCl (vitamin B6) is added in little amount during the preparation of this formula. It is a tonic which aids in reversing nerve damage. Moreover, it increases the vascular supply.

Vitamin B12– Formula of Nerve Renew uses cyanocobalamine form of Vitamin B12. The deficiency of this vitamin in the body causes nerves to collapse. As a result, severe pain is felt. The addition of this component aids in overcoming this problem.

Cholecalciferol – Vitamin D3 is an excellent stimulator for blood circulation. Moreover, this vitamin nourishes the nerve endings.

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid– it is not wrong to say that this product is an excellent antioxidant which helps in the neutralization of free radicals. It transports glucose to different cells, kills the harmful cells and reliefs the pain. Passion flower and skullcap extract are also added in its manufacture.


Although the ingredients present in Nerve Renew are not all natural, it contains some flavouring agent as well. But it is free from any additives, pesticides or insecticides. The ingredients used are first approved and then the formula is prepared. It only helps in removing the present neuropathic symptoms of patients along with other benefits explained above. Nerve Renew does not bring any harmful effects on the body. The supplement is pure and safe to use.


Nerve Renew is available in the form of capsules in plastic containers. You cannot get it simply from the market (due to safety reasons). You can purchases it from official website where it is available 24/7. Moreover, the cost of the product is quite reasonable for all class of societies. The supply of one month is available for $43.


The authenticity of the product can be determined by the annual sales of it in the market. It is widely being used all over the world for removal of pain, anxiety and nerve damage. The product is safe and easy to use.


Different people from different localities have given their feedback about the quality of the product. Marilyn Bell said that “Have not been woken up once with my legs on fire” after using Nerve Renew. She explained that for the neuropathic treatment she has been visiting various doctors but all remedy when in vain. Then she tried this product and was fully satisfied with the results. This shows that this product is authentic. Different Doctors also prescribe this product.


In the conclusion, it can be verified that this product is authentic. It is highly recommended by for all neuropathic patients especially those suffering from diabetes. Nerve Renew can help you in getting back on feet within no time. So visit the official website and order your product now.


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