Paltrox RX Male Virility: Read its side effects, Cost, Scam and Pros

Paltrox Rx Review: According to the surveys, majority of women are satisfied with the size and stamina of their partners. But what makes them mostly unsatisfied is the same size and short lived erection. One who have gone through such condition understands how painful it could be if he is seeing his loyal partner to think of other options for her satisfaction. It does not mean that everyone got a cheating partner but it means most of breakups and cheats are result of inability to satisfy one’s partner. Due to these lowering testosterones man becomes unable to perform better in routine chores. The low testosterone can also affect focus, alertness and recalling power of one’s brain. To counter such ailments there is a good variety of potent supplements.

There is no doubt about the potential of Paltrox Rx to counter the symptoms of low testosterone, inefficient erection and short endurance time. But what we are destined to write this review down is to know about its ingredients and source of our information is official website of Paltrox-Rx supplement.


It is a male virility and testosterone enhancement supplement which has claimed a diverse type of benefits on the person who uses it. Whether these claims are true or false is not a debate here as many of its consumers claiming paltrox rx to be a working formula. So, we will first discuss about its claims and then ingredients so we could know if there is any harmful substance in it or a safe one.

What are the claimed benefits?

  1. Order NowIt enhances stamina and energy levels.
  2. Boosts testosterone levels in short span of time.
  3. Increases length of Peni* about half an inch but these specific results could change.
  4. Improves focus and alertness
  5. More desire, more control and more confidence.
  6. You can last longer than ever.

Ingredients of Paltrox-RX:

As manufacturer terms his formula to be rapid action due to rapid absorption of ingredients. It gives an instant surge in energy and constant blood flow that gives strong erection and delayed release time.

The product is the fine blend of 7 ingredients which are all natural and a number of them are of household usage and rest are well known herbal plants which have been used for medicinal purposes since centuries. These ingredients have been used in old ages due to their known benefits to human health and the team paltrox rx has brought these ingredients for coping with your male troubles.

Tongkat Ali:

It is an aphrodisiac substance which is known to raise lovemaking hormones and boosts libido in men. Scientific name of the plant is eurycoma longifolia or commonly referred as long jack. Its benefits include testosterone boost, treating erectile dysfunction, stress relieving, enhanced energy levels, anti-Oxidant and anti fungal. It seems that the purpose of Tongkat Ali in Paltrox-RX is just to give more desire and intensity in your intimate encounter.

Horny Goat Weed:

Everyone knows how goats ate some unknown herbs and then got horny and their shepherd named that unknown herb as horny goat weed. But when asked from locals they say that it is very helping in bone related problems like joint pains and osteoporosis. Clinical tests show that it increases blood circulation and improves serotonin levels to make your mood better.

Ginkgo Biloba:

Ancient people found this herb beneficial for brain and memory loss related problems. Recent studies also suggest it to be a great antioxidant and necessary food for people with dementia. In Paltrox Rx it gives you alacrity and alertness to keep you more astute and focused.

Saw Palmetto:

It has proven to be effective in prostatic and urinary problems. Clinical results show that it helps in retaining health structure of prostate and thus it is also helpful in benign prostatic hypertrophy. In paltrox it reverses the symptoms of low testosterone.

Stinging Nettle:

It is a plant which is being used in medicines. From its leaves to roots everything is used in medicines. Its extracts are consumed by people with alopecia and other hair related problem. It also increases urination and aids in removing kidney stoney that’s why termed to be beneficial for kidneys. Researches show that it is good ingredient for overall health.


It is essential amino acid, which can be taken from natural sources like red meat, eggs and fish, etc. It is being used in workout and male enhancement supplement due to its role in increasing blood flow and improving energy levels. It relaxes the muscles and blood vessels by providing them the healthy dose of Nitric Oxide.


It is the spice in black pepper to which we name bioperine or piperine. It is bio activity enhancing ingredient which speeds up the process of absorption of ingredients. This is the sole substance which increases the efficiency of body to utilize most out of ingredients as it helps body to absorb more ingredients.

Purchasing Guide:-

It can be availed from paltrox Rx’s website at affordable price while it is not available at Amazon yet. It’s one pack which is sufficient for a whole month can be bought at $45 from their website and that is a fair cost. There have consumer centric policy which includes higher privacy and security to protect your information. There always remains the fear of being scammed online but paltrox rx gives you money back guarantee and options to cancel your order at early stages but when it is dispatched to your address then for claiming refund you will have to send back their package.

There are no side effects of paltrox when you are following instructions and recommended dosage. In case of over dosage there remains a threat. So, be cautious when using any medicine or supplement.


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