Privacy Policy

Evaherbalist has the policy to respect your privacy regarding the confidential information which we attain from our website’s visitors. For the visitor of the Evaherbalist website, you can subscribe to attain notification for the new reviews. You can maintain the subscription by renewing it. The purpose of this subscription is to identify that you are a frequent visitor of our website and prefer our opinions and reviews. Along with that, it will also inform the subscribers about the specific changes in the site.

We also use “Cookies” and certain other technologies to ensure that the consumers have an improved online experience with the Evaherbalist site. We also use the following tactics to help the consumers


Like most of the review based websites, the site of Evaherbalist collects some of the basic and non-personal details to help in attaining a friendly experience with the website. The information is generally required to identify the type of servers and browsers accessed by the visitors. In this way, the visitors will be able to have a better connect with the reviews of Eevaherbalist. From time to time, the Evaherbalist website might release the general information in the aggregate for example, by highlighting the frequent demands of the users.

The information that is collected by the Evaherbalist website includes the type of web browsers, referring site, visiting time, language preferences and access to the website. Apart from that, Evaherbalist website also attains information such as the Internet Protocol addresses from the users who have created their accounts. The information is preferably attained from the logged in users who frequently visit the website and comments their feedback under the reviews.

During the subscription process, you can change your subscription information anytime you want for your convenience. It is preferred to enter the email address and password if you are changing the provided non-personal information. If you are a site subscriber who frequently visits the site, you can avoid entering the information such as password in order to attain convenience.

Eveherbalist will not send, share, swap or disclose any of the provided information during the subscription registration to the third party.


Mostly, the frequent visitor of the website likes to use the website in a way that leads to the gathering of the identification information which is personal. At Evaherbalist, we gather this type of the information if you frequently visit the website, for example, someone who is frequently commenting on the reviews. We also ask these visitors to share their name, email address and passwords so that we can contribute more to their Evaherbalist experience. This means that the information depends on the type of the interaction with the visitor. You can also provide additional information such as personal as well as the financial information, for example, information required at the time of transactions.

The information is appropriate and necessary in certain cases to provide a better experience. Evaherbalist does not disclose personal and confidential information. The information is also prevented to be shared on any other website based activities.


Evaherbalist may also attain statistic based information in order to identify the behavior of the visitors. Some of the information is displayed publicly, for example, the most frequently viewed information. Other statistics might be kept confidential between the visitors and the website such as the suggestion of a review based on the interest of the viewer.

EVAHERBALIST PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION only provides the information of the viewers to the employees, affiliated contractors, and firms. This information is shared to ensure that the viewer like their experience with the Evaherbalist website. Along with that, they should be aware that their information will not be shared with any third person. The employees help in providing content that the viewers might find interesting and transfer information that is preferred by the viewer.

Evaherbalist might use this information to stay connected with the users, for example, the if you are a subscriber, you may occasionally attain email from the Evaherbalist team. Other services include an update of the new features, feedback, and reviews. We also might connect with the social media account to communicate with the viewers.

Evaherbalist takes all the required measures to protect the confidential details from the access of any third party, alteration, destruction, and usage.


The cookie is used to store the information of the visitor from a particular device such as a computer. Evaherbalist store this information to analyze the preferences of the viewers in order to provide a better experience. The visitors are identified and tracked by this string. It will help in the provision of content that is preferred by the viewers.


The advertising partners of Evaherbalist might show their Ads while the usage of the viewers. The cookies allow the advertisement to appear after considering the preferences of the viewer.


The changes in the privacy policies are minor. Although, Evaherbalist will change and update the policy from time to time in order to provide a friendly user experience.


If you have any question regarding the Privacy policy, you can contact us at the given website and email address.

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