Salus Defense: Ultimate anti inflamation and Wellness Supplement

Salus Defense is an anti inflammation supplement which could also be used for joint pains, cardiovascular health and immunity improvement. The supplement is a pure extract of turmeric, bioperine, piperine and circuminoid. According to a report, almost 28% American s are suffering from inflammation and chronic pain which subsequently affects digestion and the peace of life. In middle age these problems become sticky and don’t go away. The chronic inflammation contributes to heart attack and joint stiffness which some time produces the sound of cracking. The inflammation is also attributed to impairing the connective tissues and their growth. All these problems have become so common that people have started to ignore their permanent remedies instead they prefer to take some kind of Omega capsules to quell their chest burning for the moment. But such instantaneous solutions are not good as they have their own drawback so a natural solution must be preferred.

What are the benefits of using Salus Defense Supplement?

Although its benefits are overall and impacts whole body but its main properties are quelling chest burning, removing joint pain and improving cardiovascular health.

  • Inflammation is body’s self defense against certain infection. It is also the part of body’s immune system which is needed to heal from wounds and infections. Sometimes bacteria also trigger the process and prolonged process affects negatively.
  • Keeps balance in chemicals in body by promoting enzymes.
  • Antioxidants counter free radicals but their natural balance is tilted towards free radicals which outnumber the antioxidants. The increased presence of free radicals could cause chronic pain. So keep the balance an outer supply of antioxidants is needed through a balanced diet which is mostly fruits. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals and keep ph level neutral and prevents from any undue attack of free radicals. There are different antioxidants for different purposes like for immune system, for skin health and other purpose specific.
  • Salus defense’s turmeric centric formula also contributes towards a healthy brain. It quells anxiety, stress and depression by increasing serotonin levels and declining stress hormones. It improves your mood and great in depression.
  • Salus defense plays very deep at cellular level and regulates a health cellular growth.
  • It gives a greater immunity against viral and common diseases which boosts overall defense against diseases.

Does it contribute to side effects?

Salus Defense’s antioxidant formula is highly efficient and its ingredients are what the body needs most in such symptoms. But it has no side effect and historically being used to treat different symptoms. Its traces could be found as much as 4000 years ago. Some might think of overdosing it to get more result but it is not a recommended practice. Overuse could cause negative effects.

Consumer Guide:

There are many misconceptions that almost all turmeric and bioperine supplements are same but it actually is not the case. The difference of purity and intensity of extracts vary. Here in salus defense it is four to 5 times more potent than others due to superior blend. Before trying any turmeric supplement note that it is from a brand you are looking for? If not then better not to buy as you might also get scammed or delivered inferior formula.

Salus Defense has an active customer care service which runs telephone number and email at which you could contact them. While buying salus defense you have to fill the form to tell them your address so they could send your package at right place.  It may cost you some $55.00 with shipping cost or you may also try to ask for a free trial which they offer daily to their customers.

What is in this formula?

The formula is a high potency extract of Turmeric, Bioperine and piperine.

Turmeric is a highly potent plants whose roots’ extract is also a way potent than it is perceived generally. It is a superb anti oxidant and kills pathogens and infectious bacteria harming our body. The bioactive substances present in turmeric which is circumin does not absorb in blood stream easily to give maximum results for that piperine or black pepper is mixed which gives it a high potency of getting mixed in. Bioperine and piperine are both the same and could be interchangeable too.

How does the formula react?

Circumin plays the main role in result providing and neutralizing the pythogens but soon afgter its release the main role is to getting absorbed in blood so antioxidant benefits could reach in whole body. Unfortunately circumin is absorbs poorly for that piperine is added which increases its ability to get absorbed into the blood stream to provide you more benefits which are actually needed.


Salus Diet is a circumin supplement which has 60 capsules containing turmeric and black pepper extract. The supplement crushes inflammation improves immune system with no side effects and no worry to lose a penny. You can buy from merchant’s website.


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