Salus Structured Silver: The best anti-oxidant Supplement

Salus structured silver is an unorthodox liquid of structured silver which kills bacteria, yeast, fungus, pathogens and improves probiotics and healthy bacteria. This liquid can be consumed by anyone even the kids as it is told by manufacturer as it shows no side effects etc and lab tests are also encouraging overall.

Salus Structured silver is liquid solution against oxidants. It is a great anti inflammation and immune boosting supplement claiming to be side effect free but our research shows that still it could cause antioxidant stress. That stress is due to excess antioxidants in body which neutralize natural free radicals. To prevent that antioxidant stress you must follow recommended dosage limit. There are no scam reports yet and shipment time is 3 days which sometimes take a week. Price is $50 and that includes shipment cost.

You might have noticed that your routine prescription from your favorite doctor contains antibiotic. Whatever the problem is or whatever the infection you are struggling with, you are supplied with an anti-biotic. Do those all are beneficial with no side effect? No, antibiotics in many cases could do more harm than benefits they could kill beneficial bacteria which are needed in the body without any hassle. That is where more and more doctors are getting reluctant in prescribing such medicines. Sometimes antibiotics could cause the release of toxic material and even could disturb ph level of body. The salus silver structure is an attempt to provide an alternative to those antibiotic products by Dr. Gordon who has graduated from Utah State University in the field of Toxicology.

The diseases in which salus silver structure claims to be assistive are many which are kidney related diseases, bronchitis, fungal, psoriasis, gout, leaky gut, fibromyalgia and candida. Another research released by American center for disease control revealed that a new type of bacteria has evolved which has no effect of conventional antibiotics. This bacteria has spread to 27 states and need an urgent heed. Such are the cases of bacteria evolution on which these drugs are not working anymore. The same study tells that almost 23000 American are victims of these bacteria.

What is Structured Silver by Salus Labs?

Salus structured silver is a supplement containing silver formula to kill all harmful bacteria and not single kind of harmful bacteria is immune to it. It can kill almost 100% bad bacteria from body. It is the best alternatives to anti biotics and causes no side effect. The silver fluid formula could cleanse gut, kill fungus and aid in eczema. Salus silver provides three months money back guarantee and you can claim your refund on call at +1 (844) (646) (1590) and email by stating your order number to their customer care agent.

How does it kill bacteria and fungus like stuff?

Silver has total 47 electrons in its orbit that leaves one unstable electron in its outer most circle. That one electron is the main power of this salus silver liquid in fight against bacteria and fungus. The outer shell of silver takes the electron from those bad bacteria that kills them or reduces them to non violent state. The structure of the silver is everything for the formula that is why it is named salus silver structure. It is believed to kill the bacteria within 5 minutes of its use that tells a lot about its ability.

Does it kill useful bacteria too?

No, it does not kill useful bacteria which are present in duct namely lactobacillus. It is one of the vital bacteria found in intestines responsible for the production of lactose these enzymes are further break down to glucose and could also lower cholesterol, stop diarrhea and Irritable bowel syndrome. The other advantages of vital bacteria are weight management, infection, allergy and viral symptoms. But structured silver does not kill lactobacillus as they are covered with fat layer which could not be penetrated by salus liquid that means it does not kill beneficial bacteria.
Structured silver do not penetrate fatty layers and so it does not harm health cells at best it could only take an electron. There is nothing to worry about salus liquid. There is no bacteria which could get immunity against silver as it kills them all.

What are the benefits of salus structured silver?

• It can cleanse your guts and intestines from pathogens, germs and bacteria.

• It prevents bronchitis, kills fungus and improves anti oxidant process.

• Salus structured silver has superb ability to suppress inflammation and heart burning.

• Supports cardiovascular muscles and lowers cholesterol level.

• It could also impact on your skin by clearing it from acnes and rashes.

• It gives overall immunity against diseases and infections.

Possible side effects:

Although the claims are of no side effects but our research tells us otherwise. Antioxidants are good but taking too much of antioxidant could reverse the gains made by anti oxidants.

People talk a lot about oxidative stress but over antioxidant causes anti oxidative stress which is too much like oxidative stress and its symptoms are also alike. Body produces natural antioxidants to serve their purpose but already present antioxidants react with them and neutralize them and get themselves neutralized. That is a bad thing which could cause dizziness, fatigue and headache like symptoms. So before taking salus structured liquid always use it with recommended dosage and think, if you really need it.

People who have reviewed it:
Joshua: I was at severe heartburn and chest burn I did not know what to do. Yes, I was taking Zantac to lower acidity and it would decrease inflammation a lot but the results would prove to be temporary. Then I used structured silver for the first time and the results were unmatchable with any supplement or a medicine which I had ever taken.

Vargo: Never thought that I would be reviewing salus structured silver supplement. I was on acid reflux and chest burn. I had changed my diet completely to no avail but silver healing of salus was exceptional. It just took a mere couple minutes to move those symptoms downward.

Where can I buy salus?

Although Salus defense and salus structured silver are from same company but the selling pages are different for both products which could also by availed from Amazon, GNC and Walgreens. The price for the package is just $50 with no shipping charges.


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