Is SG 11 a real brain booster or a scam and fake ingredients with side effects

Starting a task and then completing it in less possible time is a SGbrain11challenging thing if you have to encounter distracting thoughts. Those thoughts not only impede in your tasks but create a focus problem. Staying focused and concentrated all the time to perform your duties efficiently and precisely. Researchers and physicians term the deficiency of some nutrients and hormones which negatively slow brain functioning and weaken memories. Due to growing age body produces less ingredients and hormones that is a proven fact. But it is also an established reality that malnutrition and stress also plays their shared role in slowing cognitive functioning. SG 11 is a solution for such problems and manufacturers have many claims about this product. Whether those claims are genuine or just made to create hype we analyzed the whole product and its ingredients.

What is SG 11 supplement?

It is a nootropic supplement manufactured to sharpen brain memory and enhance cognitive behavior. Manufacturers have tried their best to answer each and every query of their potential customers. SG 11 is manufactured in USA and its shipment is also very fast and reliable in that market. The product reaches its destination in almost 36 hours and that is very efficient time. From shipment to pricing everything is online monitored. You will be provided a tracking number to trace your order and respective shipping company contact is also given to contact them directly to ask the whereabouts of your products. In worst case scenario it might take up to 72 hours and all that problem will only be due to the shipment company.

SG 11 Ingredients:

Sg-11 is an advanced brain support supplement which promises to support mental health with well researched ingredients and plants. These ingredients are the core of this supplement. The core ingredients are following:

Huperzine Hup

It is a substance extracted from club moss plant. The plant was known in helping brain and memory loss related issues. It had been widely spread that it treats Alzheimer’s. After many researches now it is an established fact that this particular substance is really helpful in treating brain problems and improving brain power.


It is an extract of brahmi plant which is very popular in Ayurvedic medicines. It is known for its benefits in epilepsy, mental illness and joint pain. It not only improves cognitive functioning but also protects it from chemicals from killing memory cells. It alleviates nervousness, anxiety and sleeping problem. Researches prove that it is really helpful for aged people having troubles sleep and memory problems.


It is a plant derivative which is synthesized in laboratory and currently available in German. The substance is known to increase blood flow to brain and enhance neuro protection against diseases.


It is an amino acid which is used in production of neuro cells which aids in neuro transmission and increased memory. It could make you more alert and focused all the time.

How to use SG-11 ?

As most of the supplements are used one morning pill and other night pill the same hold true for SG 11 and overdosing is strictly prohibited. The pills are super potent and could help in strengthening brain and increase neuro-functions.

Consumer reviews:

“I don’t know what to say about the condition when I was fully confident that I have not forgotten anything but still people would say forgetful man. After my grandson brought SG-11 home and I ate two pills a day regularly until the bottle emptied. I was still confident that don’t forget anything but know people are changing their opinion about me they are no more calling me with the name of forgetful man. I don’t know why but it feels good. It might be the effect of SG-11.“ One old New Yorker reviewed it so.


Consumer reviews and researches about SG-11 are all positive and there is a consensus that sg-11 is a real working and brain enhancement supplement. It is often said that with SG11 one can enhance his brain power and reduce memory problem and forgetfulness.


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