Stim rx Review: Is it another fake supplement or working one?

For men, their masculinity matters a lot. That is why men work hard to maintain a well build a muscular physique. And for good reason too not only does being muscular means the man is healthier. But that is what women find attractive. A well-built guy does capture more female attention and we think everyone will agree on this. The problem arises when men are unable to build muscles. Or for some men, they may even start to lose the muscle mass they worked so hard to build in the first place.


There is a product called Stim rx advanced testosterone support. And the reason we are telling you this is because this supplement claims to help men get the muscular ripped physique they want.

According to the website of the supplement key cause of difficulty in gaining muscle or muscle loss is low testosterone (T). Testosterone is a hormone that controls primary male features. Such as muscle growth, high energy, strength, desire to have sex etc.

The main function of this supplement is to ensure healthy testosterone levels in men. With enough testosterone production, men are able to build and retain their muscles. This claim sounds really interesting that is why we will verify this claim through proper research. In this review, we will tell you everything you need to know about this pill based on our analysis.

What causes low testosterone (T) in men?

  • One major cause of low T hormone in men is aging. As men age their bodies slow down the production of T hormone. T levels are at their all-time high when men are between 18 to 20 years of age. After that, these levels start to decline. And by ages of late ’30s and ’40s, T levels slows down even more.
  • Next major culprit is obesity. When the body of men starts to store excess fats it has a negative effect on their ability to produce T hormone. Obesity also reduces the ability of men’s body to respond to T.
  • Some medications such as painkillers and steroids also cause low T in men. These medicines can damage the glands that produce and store testosterone.

Ingredients of Stim rx & how they improve muscle growth

This pill restores the T levels in men hence promoting the muscle growth using its ingredients. And we will tell you about what these ingredients are and how they help gain muscles.

Tongkat Ali: This natural herb has been proven and tested to help increase testosterone levels in males. This herb stimulates the glands to release free testosterone in the body. This helps to regulate the T levels in the body. Our muscles have testosterone receptors. When T levels in men are high this hormone binds to the T receptors of the muscles. This promotes muscle growth and repair.

Maca Root Extract: Another ingredient of this supplement worth mentioning is Maca. Extracted from the roots of Maca plant this ingredient stops the process of breaking down Testosterone into other enzymes. Our body is designed to metabolize T hormone and convert it to estrogen. But this ingredient stops this process and increases the level of T.

Apart from these major ingredients this pill also has some ingredients to support T production. These additional ingredients include Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D, E, and B6. All of these ingredients work together in order to promote T hormone production.

Who can use Stim rx advanced testosterone support

Now the way this product is advertised says it is a testosterone booster. But that leaves a lot of people wondering if they should use it or not? To answer this as simple as possible here are some indicators that mean you can use this pill:

  1. If you work out regularly and still don’t see results or improvement in your muscle mass.
  2. You find your self low on energy and feel unmotivated to workout.
  3. You have problems maintaining an erection.
  4. You are aging and want to supplement your T levels.

These are a few indicators that you might need this supplement.

Benefits of this pill

  1. Restores masculinity and gives the user a more strong and muscular physique.
  2. Restores Testosterone of men and gives them a youthful boost in energy.
  3. Increases sex drive and also increase sperm production.
  4. Made with natural ingredients and does not produce any side effect.

Please note that the following benefits are not tested through experimentation. So we can be certain if you will experience them or not if you use this product.

Does Stim rx Side effects and does it really works?

We were surprised to discover that there are no side effects for Stim rx. Which is strange because this product has not yet been tested on humans yet. So there is no way to know if it has side effects or not.

Now coming to will it really gives you the muscle gains it promises? Well, there is little to no evidence that testosterone is directly responsible for muscle growth. Studies have been done to test this claim but they found that T levels do not affect muscle mass.

This makes the claims made by this pill hard to believe. Because the base concept of this product is to improve T levels which will boost muscle growth. Although user reviews of Stim rx say that users have seen results after using this pill.

Good news is Stim rx comes with a free trial so you can test it out before you buy it. And because it is made with natural ingredients side effects are not really a big concern.

Where to buy Stim rx and price.

Stim rx is not for sale in stores. You will have to buy it from the main website of the seller. Although you can buy Stim rx advanced from Amazon. But it is not available from physical stores like Walmart. To check the latest price of this pill you will have to visit the official website of this supplement.


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