Super soldier keto Review: What is difference? Is it all the same?

It is not easy to steer yourself towards fitness once you become overweight. That is because our body gets addicted to sugars and carbs. This sugar addiction makes it difficult to get our eating habits in check. But there are keto based supplements available in the market these days which can help you overcome overeating. Keto weight loss technology makes your body rely on fats for fuel rather than sugars or carbs. All this results in quick weight loss and you can fight your junk food habit easily.

Introduction to Super soldier keto

Keto diet supplements are taking the fitness market by storm due to their lack of side effects and effectiveness. One such new addition to the weight loss supplement industry is Super soldier keto. This new weight loss supplement claims some great benefits. But in order to verify these advertised benefits, we are going to thoroughly analyze this supplement in this article.

We will let you know what is in this supplement and talk about its basic composition. We will compare the pros and cons of this supplement and finally give you our verdict about this product.

What Causes Obesity?

Sugar Addiction: You might have already heard that things like lack of exercise, stress and overeating cause obesity. But we are going to focus on the cause of obesity that Super soldier keto overcomes and that is sugar addiction. Overtime over body becomes so used to a sugary diet that it requires more and more sugars for the brain to function properly. This situation is called sugar addiction.

When we start consuming too many sugars or carbs they start to get turned into fat. Sugars are present in soda drinks, artificial juices to fast foods and can cause obesity if consumed excessively.

Ingredients of Super soldier keto

This supplement’s basic function as claimed by the company is to reduce carb dependency. And it does this by putting the body in a state where it depends on fats instead of sugar for energy. This state is known as ketosis and it is a natural metabolic process. Our bodies are designed to go into ketosis when there is a shortage of carbs. But it takes a combination of a fat-rich diet, some proteins and a tiny percentage of carbs in order to induce ketosis naturally. That is where this product’s ingredients come in which are:

Beta-Hydorxybutyrate (BHB): BHB also known as ketones are the key ingredient of this product and these are the enzyme responsible for inducing ketosis state. BHB is produced in the body naturally but it takes some very strict diet and a lot of discipline. Therefore external supplement of BHB does the job by increasing ketone levels in the human body.

This promotes the production of ketones in the body naturally after brain detects BHB in the blood. And the fat burning process speeds up by turning fat in ketones and used up by the body. Not only does it burns fats but by using fat as the energy it reduces body’s dependence on sugars to fuel itself and the brain. This, in turn, helps fight the sugar addiction that is a major cause of obesity.

Carbohydrates: As we mentioned above a balance of fats and protein-rich diet is needed for ketosis. But good carbs are needed in a small amount of 3-5 grams to keep the body in ketosis. Therefore this product contains some carbs to help in the fat burning process.

The source of these ingredients is not mentioned on the website so we suppose that the company wants to keep it a secret. But generally, BHB takes from MCT oils or ketone salts. And carbs come from sources like dairy etc. But there is no information about what fillers are used in the making of this product.

Pros of Super soldier keto

Like any other fitness product, this one claims to have some key benefits for its users. Some of its major benefits that we think are worth mentioning are as follows:

  1. Provides a safe and easy weight loss solution for people with a busy lifestyle.
  2. No need to prepare special meals with specific proportions to induce ketosis as this supplement has the nutritional balance needed for ketosis.
  3. Gets rid of sugar addiction by turning fats as the key source of energy for the body.
  4. Increases energy levels of the body because it helps burn fats which are a cleaner fuel than carbs.
  5. By promoting ketone production it provides more energy to the brain. Because ketones are a key source of food for our brain, therefore, it improves brain functions.
  6. It is made using completely natural ingredients and there are no known side effects for this product.

Cons of Super soldier keto

Because this product is relatively new there isn’t much information available for it except its official website. This lack of information itself is a major issue about this product and in addition to this following are some other cons:

  1. No details about what kind of sources are used to extract its ingredients.
  2. No side effects are mentioned which shows that there hasn’t been any study or testing done before launching this product.
  3. Results of this product are non-verifiable as this is a new product and there aren’t many user reviews available for it.
  4. Little to no information about the manufacturing process of this supplement is provided.
  5. We didn’t find any certification or authentication for this product from a regulatory authority.
  6. It is a completely web-based product which means it is not available at a store you can trust for authenticity.

 Is Super soldier keto Legit?

This question naturally pops up in mind after knowing the pros and cons of this product. But in our opinion, it is way too early to answer this question with complete surety. Because this product hasn’t been on the market for long it is obvious that it needs some time to prove itself.

But do we do recommend having a talk with your doctor about this supplement if you are planning on buying it.


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