Total Thyroid Supplement: Know, how it handles thyroid problems?

Thyroids related diseases are due to the imbalance of iodine in the human body which is essential for the normal development. Hypothyroidism is a state which is characterized by a lower level of iodine in body than the actual body requirement. The major symptoms include alopecia, fatigue, constipation, low heart rate, weight gain, swollen eyelids and lower speech. This mainly occurs due to the lower level ok intake of iodine or maybe it can be associated with other disorders. Hyperthyroidism is associated with elevated levels of iodine in the body than the daily required amount. The excessive iodine can cause renal insufficiency syndromes and muscular fatigue. Moreover, its excessive amount can be dangerous for the brain and heart. It means that iodine should be present in a balanced amount where it should give its maximum beneficial effects for the growth and development of the body.

What is Total Thyroid?

The total thyroid is a two-way supplement which is very beneficial for keeping the thyroid levels at their optimum level in the body. It was launched after checking out the iodine related disorders in men and women at an early age. The formula was approved after the testifying all the ingredients which were selected for this blend. However, it is designed for all thyroid problems, but hypothyroidism is the main target of the total thyroid. The thyroid gland is responsible for the production of thyroxin, triiodothyronine and calcitonin. Any imbalance in its production and secretion from the pituitary gland can bring harmful effects on the body. Therefore, a proper amount of these hormones in the body is necessary.

Functions of Total Thyroid Supplement

Total thyroid supplement gives the maximum number of benefits on body one can ask for. The main sites where total supplement acts, include:

Metabolic System– the supplement improves the metabolic rate of the body and reduces muscular pain and fatigue. The extensive energy which is produced by improving the body metabolism helps in carrying out the activities at a faster rate.

Thyroid Gland– total thyroid acts on the thyroid gland and optimize the production of hormones like T3, T4 and calcitonin. Moreover, the deficiency is effectively controlled and maximum results are shown.

Secretion of Hormones– Total thyroid acts on the signalling pathway and regulates the secretion of these hormones from pituitary gland. In the case of oversecretion, the secretion is controlled and minimized; Whereas in the case of lower secretion, the release is promoted.

Active Formulation– Total thyroid helps in the conversion of T4 to T3 (which s the active hormone). This active T3 hormone is responsible for the growth and development o body. Moreover, the iodine deficiency is regulated.

Stress Response- The supplement formula is effective in reducing the stress on the body and its results. It improves the sleep cycles and gives better and relaxed sleep.

Ingredients of Total Thyroid

The total thyroid is prepared from all natural herbs and ingredients. It is free from any harmful effects and using it according to the recommended dosage will bring out multiple positive effects on the body. The secret composition of total thyroid includes:

Vitamin B12 Complex (100 micrograms)- it is also known as cobalamin. The main function of vitamin B1 is the production of new red blood cells and improved blood circulation. It reduced anaemia and is useful for overcoming confusion, stress.

Iodine (150 micrograms)- a disorder of hypothyroidism is treated by this component. It balances the level of iodine in diet and overcomes the nutritional deficiency.

Zinc Oxide (8 micrograms) and Copper Oxide (200 micrograms)- these two trace minerals are very important for human body. Their deficiency can cause multiple collagen disorders and fatigue. The best remedy against thyroid disease is these elements.

L-Tyrosine– This amino acid derivative is important for treating depression. Moreover, it also builds up connective tissue and plasma proteins.

Ashwagandha Root Herb– this root extracts boost up the immune system of the body and provides a defence mechanism.

Bladder Wrack Powder (50 mg)- This is a powdered form of organic iodine and is important to overcome the iodine deficiency due to lack of proper diet.

Recommended Dosage

The suggested dose of total thyroid is two capsules per day. the timings can be adjusted according to your choice but a minimum gap of 12 hours should be there between two intakes.

Is there any side effect?

Total thyroid supplement is completely safe and free of any side effects. However, if you exceed the recommended dosage, it causes side effects like vomiting, irritation, nausea, pain and headache. If you take the product in suggested dose it will not bring any adverse effect.

Price and Availability

The supplement is available in the form of capsules. Each disposable white bottle contains 120 capsules with a blue label on it. The label contains all the basic information about the supplement. Each bottle of the total thyroid is sufficient for two months and costs $50.

How to Purchase?

If you find this product in ordinary departmental sore, then it is surely a duplication of the real supplement. The original supplement is available only on the official website. You just have to click the “buy now” icon and fill the necessary details. Delivery time is seven days.

Trial Pack and Refund Policy

Total thyroid has a one month trial pack for the customers. You can use the supplement for one month and satisfy yourself with the results. The refund policy means that you can return the product and get your money back. You have to inform the company first before refund.


  • Do not exceed the suggested dose
  • Do not combine total thyroid with other iodine supplements
  • During pregnancy and nursing, consult your physician before using it
  • It is not advisable for children under 18 years

Customer’s Opinion

Customers are highly satisfied by the results of Total Thyroid. Dr Kim says, “Taking expensive thyroid treatments always give some side effects and the result guarantee is never 100%. But using total thyroid will not give any adverse effects. The testified formula solves all the iodine deficiency problems within a very short period of time”.


The total thyroid is a scam free legit program which has been introduced in the market for people with thyroid problems.



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