Trim 14 Reviews: Effective weight loss regime or a hype like many others?

Weight loss can be a tricky process and involves a number of factors. One of the biggest factors that determine how fast you can lose weight is your age. As we age it becomes difficult to lose weight it is a natural phenomenon. But let’s face it if you have stayed fit all your life you are not going to let aging change that right?

And good news is there are plenty of weight loss supplements out there. But the bad news is it is difficult to find a supplement that fits your needs. Because weight loss after the age of 40 needs some specific efforts.

What is Trim 14 Weight loss?

This product claims to be designed especially for people struggling with weight loss caused by aging. It is a herbal formula created by Zenith Labs. This company is known for its innovative herbal solutions. This product overcomes the issues caused by aging that prevent weight loss.

And it also claims to do that by activating the body’s natural weight loss abilities. And that is a very unique thing to claim because you don’t see this kind of products every day. It is because of this unique working mechanism that we decided to review this product. We will put all the aspects of this product in front of you to help you decide in case you are planning to buy it.

How does it work?

As we said earlier this product is a unique one because it targets following causes of weight gain.

  1. Poor metabolism rate that results in storage of food instead of burning it.
  2. Too much hunger or overeating which is the leading cause of difficulty in losing weight.
  3. Stress and anxiety caused by personal or work life stress.

The way this product overcomes these causes is by utilizing the weight loss abilities of natural herbs. It works by boosting the metabolism process and turns fats into energy quickly. Because of this you can burns fat even when you are resting by speeding up the fat burning process.

Ingredients of Trim 14

To help you better understand the complete working mechanism of this product here are its ingredients and their contribution to weight loss:

kidney beans: This ingredient is a kidney bean extract known to promote production of enzymes that absorb access carbs. This is important because without these enzymes carbs get turned into fats and stored up. So by promoting production of carb absorbing hormones, it reduces the fat storage process.

Chromium: This natural ingredient is responsible for controlling frequent urges to eat. It reduces the production of enzymes that send signals to brain to cause sensation of hunger. By doing this it helps you resist the urge to eat frequently.

Rhodiola Rosea extract: It helps balance a hormone called Cortisol which is responsible for controlling mood. This helps reduce stress which is a major cause of weight gain. By promoting better mood it can also increase motivation to work out.

Fucoxanthin: It increases metabolism rate to burn additional fats even when you are resting. By increasing metabolism, it also provides more energy to the body by using fats as fuel. That means you can have more energy to work out and stay fit.

In addition to these key ingredients, it also contains other herbal and fruit ingredients. The key function of them is to overcome poor metabolism, overeating and best of all providing energy and nutrition. According to our research, this product’s ingredients have a lot of research to back up the claims it’s making. You might be surprised to know that most of these ingredients have even been used in traditional medicine for a long time.

Who can use Trim 14?

This product is manufactured keeping in mind the weight loss needs of aging individuals. So it goes without saying that it’s targeted at people at the age of 40 or above. That being said to make it even simpler here are a few uses of this product. You can use this product if you face following issues:

  1. You have started gaining weight with age and find it difficult to shed it.
  2. You work out regularly but don’t see the results you use to see when you were younger.
  3. The slowing of metabolism rate due to aging has caused you to store fat easily.
  4. You are facing lack of motivation and stress that prevents you from exercising regularly.

Benefits of Trim 14

Before telling you the benefits please note that these benefits are claimed by the company. And we have yet to see a scientific study proving this product’s benefits. But you can expect to experience following benefits by using it:

  1. Ingredients of this product are backed by research which means you can be confident when using it.
  2. Improves your overall energy levels by providing necessary energy to the body.
  3. Burns fat and motivate you to work out regularly by getting rid of stress and laziness.
  4. Designed especially for aging individual that’s why it works better than general weight loss products.
  5. Does not produce any side effects because it is made with natural ingredients. Provides additional confidence and a sense of security because it is free from side effects.
  6. Sold by a credible company which has been working in herbal medicine industry for a long time.

Cons of this product

We are not just going to tell you all the good stuff about this product. Because then it wouldn’t be an honest review would it? That is why we are sharing some drawbacks of supplement.

  1. You must be wondering where you can buy this product right. It is not available at stores and can only be found online which makes buying process complicated.
  2. This product is not a prescription product so you don’t get peace of mind that a doctor can give you.
  3. There is a delivery fee included that you have to pay when ordering it on top of its price.



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